Starkey Muse i2000 £1295 CIC ITC ITE RIC BTE

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starkey muse i2000 £1295 from hearing first brings a new generation of power and precision to hearing aid wearers, making conversation clearer in noisy environments, and music more natural.
Starkey muse i2000 £1295 from hearing first

Starkey Muse i2000 £1295

Look around and you’ll find that you’ll get the best price in the UK for the Starkey Muse i2000 from Hearing First.

Our new standard in ear-to-ear communication, Acuity Binaural Imaging features ultra high-definition audio to bring a more natural ear-to-ear experience to patients. Thanks to collaborative decision making, speech audibility can be preserved while simultaneously maintain comfort.

Today’s patients want to enjoy listening in every setting. Acuity Lifescape Analyzer, our most rigorously tested environmental detection system, makes it possible. Its seven sound classes handle multiple environments simultaneously and deliver our most sophisticated and accurate classification and adaptation system ever.

Designed to improve speech detection in difficult listening environments,Acuity Directionality is intelligent and personalized to continually adapt in all channels, prioritizing conversations with up to 6dB of speech enhancement, so patients can better hear and participate in conversations from all directions.

Acuity Voice runs in parallel with Acuity Lifescape Analyzer to provide optimal audibility for speech. Its two-part algorithm uses dynamic voice identification, coupled with a spectral noise control that calculates appropriate gain on a per-channel basis, for unprecedented sound quality, ease of listening, and intelligibility of speech in noise.

Our patient-preferred wireless system, 900sync, streams a caller’s voice to both ears with our new Ear-to-Ear Phone Streaming, making understanding on the phone easier than ever.

Technology in the Starkey Muse i2000

The i2000 model boasts:

  • 20 channels and 20 bands
  • Extended bandwidth up to 10kHz
  • Acuity OS
  • 900sync Wireless Technology
  • Wireless Spatial Streaming
  • Acuity Speech Optimisation – Medium
  • Music Enhancement, incorporating
    • Music Adaptation – Level 2
    • Music Memory
    • E2E Music Adaptation – Medium
  • Ear 2 Ear Acuity Binaural Imaging, incorporating
    • E2E Machine Noise Adaptation – Level 2
    • E2E Wind Noise Management – Level 2
    • E2E Directionality
    • E2E Phone Streaming
  • Environment Manager – Acuity Lifescape Analyser, incorporating
    • Music – Level 2
    • Speech – Level 2
    • Speech and Noise – Level 2
    • Machine Noise – Level 2
    • Wind – Level 2
    • Noise – Level 2
    • Quiet – Level 2
  • Directional Processing – Acuity Directionality, incorporating
    • Channels: 20
    • Dynamic – Medium
    • Directional – Medium
    • Adaptive – Medium
  • Noise Control – Acuity Voice
    • Noise Reduction Strength – Level 2
  • Whistlefree Feedback Cancellation
  • Speech Shift Frequency Lowering
  • Multiflex Tinnitus Technology
  • SurfLink Wireless Accessories

Muse, with Starkey’s all new Synergy platform is the only platform to feature quad core twin compressor technology, and the first to provide supreme precision for audibility and the ultimate optimization for listening enjoyment. Synergy, in combination with Acuity OS, our new high-definition operating system, enable speech and sounds like music to be processed uniquely for the first time ever – advancing speech audibility and listening enjoyment of music in all environments.

Synergy also incorporates 900sync Technology, our patient preferred wireless technology, delivering a pristine audio experience that is made to aid unilateral loss with our new Muse CROS System as well as improve phone understanding with our new ear-to-ear phone streaming.

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