Video: What Happens In Your Ear Wax Removal Appointment

  • Enter your location and click “Find Appointments” in the box at the top of the page to check prices and availability.
  • To find your nearest clinic, select “Nearest” instead of “Next Available”.
  • To book for just one ear, click “left” or “right”. If you are unsure, the safest thing to do is book for both*.
  • To book an appointment, click on the appointment, then click “Book Now”.
  • For Under 18s Ear Wax Removal click here.
  • For hearing tests click here.
  • We recommend that you soften your ear wax with Earol spray, for at least 3 days prior to your appointment
  • See below for prices
  • *You cannot upgrade from one ear to both ears at your appointment due to different appointment timings. Also, we cannot refund one ear if you book both but only one ear is blocked, as we cannot give that time to another patient.
hearing first microsuction ear wax removal and hearing aids
Hearing First – Caring For Your Ears

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Enter your location at the top of the page and click “Find Appointments”

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Book An Ear Wax Removal Appointment Online

Welcome to the Ear Wax Removal Network from Hearing First. If you have a blocked ear and want to get rid of your wax and hear better, you’re in the right place, as we are the UK’s ear wax removal experts with over 30 locations throughout the UK. Our nearest clinic is just a few miles from you.

Prices from £49…

We regularly run local promotions, meaning our prices can start from as low as £49 if you book at an off-peak time two weeks in advance.

…or “Hear Now, Pay Later” from £9 a week

Hear Now, Pay Later with Hearing First and Klarna
Hear Now, Pay Later
with Hearing First and Klarna
hear now pay later with hearing first and laybuy
Hear Now, Pay Later
with Hearing First and Laybuy

We appreciate that in these times, it can be hard to budget for unexpected health problems like a blocked ear. That’s why we have teamed up with Laybuy and Klarna to help you spread the cost from as little as £9 a week.

All our times and locations in one place…

Book a microsuction ear wax removal appointment using the form at the top of your screen. Just type in your town, city or postcode, hit Find Appointments, and a list of available appointments will be displayed. You’ll see a list of places, times and prices. Choose the one that suits you best and click on it. You will see a summary of the appointment details. Click on Book Now and you will be taken to the checkout.

Get seen when and where you want – this week, next week or this month…

If you want to limit the number of days in the future, or the distance from your location where the system looks for appointments, you can change those at the top of the results by clicking on a number next to “days ahead” or “radius”.

What you see is what we’ve got…

We are make all of our appointment times available through our online booking system. If you don’t see the time that you want, unfortunately it isn’t available. It is possible that someone may cancel their appointment at some point, in which case the appointment time will be made available through our booking system. Similarly, if the location that you want isn’t showing, then that location may not yet be open – some of the venues where we hold day clinics are still closed and we don’t have a firm opening date for them. In that case, please increase the radius of your search to find an alternative location.

What you see is what you pay…

The price shown includes any online booking discount, as well as any off-peak or advance booking discounts. You will be able to add any discount voucher codes you have before you enter your payment details. Unfortunately, we are unable to apply voucher discounts after you have paid. Don’t have time to make your own online booking? Then try out our “done for you” service (but unfortunately, you won’t get the online booking discount).

After you complete the booking process, you will receive an email with a link to a secure form on our web site. It is very important that you complete the form before your appointment, as we are unable to perform an ear wax removal procedure on anyone who has not given consent. Due to COVID-19, we are only accepting consent forms through our website. For help with completing your consent form, please see How To Complete Your Consent.

We are very security minded, and your data is tightly protected by multiple layers of security, including secure connections throughout, multiple firewalls, Google reCaptcha, attack detection and blocking, and data encryption.

Our “Done For You” service

For people who don’t have time to make their own online booking and fill in the consent form, we offer our “done for you” booking service. Just call us on 0800 1 337 987 and our friendly booking staff will do all the work for you. Remember to have your credit or debit card to hand.

Covid-Secure Earwax Removal In Your Local Area

Below you’ll find some pictures of our staff carrying out ear wax removal, a video explaining the process, and a link to the booking form.

Things have changed a bit since Covid-19, so we want to put your mind at rest and explain what we are doing to keep you safe . Please read on, and when you are ready, click on the link to start the booking process.

Ready to book? Enter your location at the top of the page and click “Find Appointments”

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Here are some reviews of our ear wax removal service

Ready to book? Enter your location at the top of the page and click “Find Appointments”

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This is what ear wax removal looked like pre-Covid-19:

Here’s what ear wax removal looks like post-Covid-19:

nishali baker and fellow ear wax removal expert jason levy
charlotte matiba with fellow ear wax removal expert jason levy
david glen performing ear wax removal procedure in ppe
geeta patel performing ear wax removal procedure ppe
geeta patel with fellow ear wax removal expert jason levy
david glen with fellow ear wax removal expert jason levy

Ready to book? Enter your location at the top of the page and click “Find Appointments”

Book Appointment At The Top Of The Page

Book A Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal Appointment Online

You can use the form below to book a micro suction ear wax  removal appointment online.



WE ARE STILL OPEN! As an essential healthcare service, we continue to implement stringent measures to ensure your safety, including triaging everyone before they book, adding extra time between appointments to ensure customers don't cross paths as they enter and leave the premises, checking temperatures before customers come in, sanitising customers' hands and enforcing the wearing of surgical face masks for everyone's protection* .For more information click here.

New booking system

You are now able to see our next available appointments at a clinic near you, as well as all appointments up to 30 days ahead at any of our locations within 30 miles of your chosen location. If you prefer to find the nearest clinic to you, simply choose "Nearest" instead of "Next Available".

Easy, simple booking process

You don't need an account with us to be able to see what appointments are available, although one will be created as part of the booking process. This is so we can send confirmation of your appointment. As this is a new booking system, this also applies to our existing patients who have come to one of our Microsuction clinics before the lockdown and are returning to see us again.

For your protection

We have taken extensive measures to protect our clients from Coronavirus. Part of this involves completing a short Triage and Consent after booking. For security, you will need to log in before you can complete the Consent process.

After you have booked: Logging in the first time...

When you log in for the first time, you may have to request a new password by clicking the "Lost your password?" link if you haven't already created one. If you use the "Lost your password?" facility, a password reset link will be sent to your email. Just click the link and you will be able to set a password for your account.

After you log in

After you log in, you will then be able to either click the Consent Form link in the emails we send you, or you can go to My Account->Orders, then view your most recent order and click the Consent Form link that is displayed with your appointment. We are well aware that this may feel like having to jump through hoops, but as everyone has to do it, everyone gets protected. We look forward to getting you hearing again! If you are unable or don't have time to use our self-service online booking system, you can take advantage of our "done for you" service and call us on 0800 1 337 987 instead. Please have your credit or debit card and mobile telephone number details to hand.  

Ready to book? Enter your location at the top of the page and click “Find Appointments”

Book Appointment At The Top Of The Page

We look forward to helping you. We might look scary in our PPE, but we’re very friendly!


One or Both Online Price (including £10 self-service discount)
One ear (or wax too impacted / no wax)** From £44, or Hear Now, Pay Later* from around £8/week
Both ears (or wax too impacted / no wax)** From £59, or Hear Now, Pay Later* from around £10.50/week
Upgrade from one to both ears Upgrade from one to both ears not available due to strict covid-secure guidelines on appointment times
*Hear Now, Pay Later It can sometimes be difficult to budget for unexpected health costs. That's why we have teamed up with Laybuy to give the option of spreading our booking fee over 6 weeks.
**Consultation only (no wax present) If no wax is present, we will provide ear care advice and/or a complementary hearing test (possibly at a later date), whichever our clinician deems appropriate
**Consultation only (wax too impacted) If wax is too impacted, our clinician will remove as much as they consider is safe, and provide advice on an appropriate wax softening regime
36 hours notice required for alterations and cancellations or NO refund will be given.
Non-attendance is charged at the full price.
Thank you.

How Prices Are Calculated

Price Adjustment Adjustment Amount (+/-)
Online Self-Service Discount - £10
Advance Booking (8 - 14 days) - £5
Advance Booking (15 days or more) - £10
Off Peak (Normally before 12:00pm) - £5
Local Promotional Discount Discount varies by location - See Booking System
Peak (5:00pm - 6:00pm) + £10
Peak (6:00pm onwards) + £20
Saturday + £10
*Hear Now, Pay Later Total discount reduced by £4

Ear Wax Removal Online Booking Form

*Note that people who use our self-service booking system will benefit from an additional £10 discount (automatically applied to the price) compared to our phone booking prices.

If you need instructions on how to use the online booking form, please click here

Have you softened your ear wax? For your comfort and to increase the chances of success we strongly recommend Earol spray be used for at least 2 to 3 days, 2 to 3 times a day before your appointment.


Booking System

Just enter your location and click Find Appointments at the top of the page.

Booking Instructions

  1. Fill out the triage form - if you satisfy the requirements, you will be automatically shown the booking form.
  2. It will automatically show you appointments and prices for both ears, as the majority of people need two ears unblocked. However, if you only need your left or right ear unblocked, go to the top of the screen and click Left or Right where it says "Left / Right / Both", then click "Find Appointments".
  3. Choose a date, location and time that suits you. The price is shown below the time.
  4. If you want to look for a different location, go to the top of the page and enter a new location where it says "Town / Postcode", then click "Find Appointments".
  5. Click the time and a summary of your booking will pop up. Click "Book Now" to go through to the checkout and pay.
  6. Enter your payment details and any discount codes that you may have - if you are haven't used the new booking system before, you can use the code "5offnew" to get £5 off the price shown.
  7. Complete the booking and you will receive a confirmation and reminder by email. It is important that you read these emails as they contain a link to your consent form, which in accordance with the new Covid-19 regulations you need to complete before your appointment. If you don't complete the form, we regret that we won't be able to perform the procedure.
  8. We look forward to seeing you and helping you with your ear wax problem!
If all else fails, call us on 0800 1 337 987 and use our "done for you" booking service!



NOTE: We have a limited number of evening and early morning micro suction appointments at our Baker Street, Welwyn Garden City, and East Finchley clinics. We also have a number of Saturday appointments at our Baker Street and Oxford clinics. All of our available appointments are shown on the online booking page. 


Online Booking Confirmation

Your online booking is not confirmed until you complete the payment process. We are sorry that we have had to introduce this policy due to a small number of people who have booked and not attended, preventing genuine people from receiving treatment.


Difficulty Booking Online

Our online booking system has been extensively tested. If you have difficulty with online booking it may be due to your browser. You can try clearing your cookies and your cache. If you are using Internet Explorer or Safari, you could try using Google Chrome browser instead.

Telephone Bookings - Our "Done For You" Service

Due to Covid-19 regulations, every patient must complete a triage and consent form before attending an appointment. If you would like our friendly staff to take care of the booking and forms, you can call our office on 0800 1 337 987. However, please bear in mind that due to social distancing we are running a reduced telephone helpline service. We are very sorry, but we have to strictly adhere to this policy for the protection of everyone's health.


Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 36 hours notice to cancel or move your appointment, otherwise no refund will be given, as it may prevent another person receiving treatment:
Hours Notice Refund Amount
36 or more 100%
Less than 36 0%

* Coronavirus Legislation - Business Closures and Exemptions To Wearing Face Coverings


Updated 30th December 2021. As an Audiology Service, the Microsuction Earwax Removal Network is exempt from the requirement to close due to any national lockdown rules and restrictions. According to the Goverment's advice in National lockdown: Stay at Home - GOV.UK (, while travel is generally to be avoided, you can travel for the purpose of "visiting hospital, GP and other medical appointments or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health". We take strict measures, including triaging every single patient, checking temperatures, wearing high level PPE, enforcing the wearing of a Type iiR surgical mask (which we will provide if you don't have one), and sanitising surfaces. Due to these measures, our clinic rooms are the safest place you can be. Although some people are exempt from wearing face masks when entering a "shop", in government legislation Audiology Services are exempt from the definition of shop, so everybody must wear a mask, which we will provide, for the protection of others, otherwise treatment cannot be provided. You can find the relevant legislation here. You can find the full legislation here. JUMP BACK TO THE BOOKING FORM

Ready to book? Enter your location at the top of the page and click “Find Appointments”

Book Appointment At The Top Of The Page