How To Complete Your Consent

How To Complete Your Consent

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Before you complete your consent, you will need to log in to our website using the same email address that was used when you booked your appointment. This is to make sure that nobody else can access your personal information, which is encrypted using military grade encryption.

If you’re not sure what email address was used when booking your appointment, we send the confirmation and reminder emails to that email address.

When you log in you will need a password. If you didn’t set a password when you booked your appointment, if you can’t remember your password, or if it says your password is incorrect, please click on the “Lost your password?” link, then enter the email address that was used to book your appointment, and click “Reset password”. We will email you a link that will enable you to set a new password for your account with us.

After you log in, it will normally bring you back to the consent form. However, if you have just reset your password, you may need to go back to your email and click on the link in your appointment confirmation or reminder.

As you complete your consent, please answer all the questions, and scroll down after answering to check if any other questions remain. Once you have completed all the questions, a Submit button will be shown. When you click “Submit”, if any answers are missing it will ask you to complete them. Otherwise, if all answers have been completed, your answers will be stored in our secure system.

We apologise for all this red tape, but it is for your safety and security, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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