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On 1st June 2020, The British Society of Audiology, The British Academy of Audiology, and The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, with input from ENT UK and The Infection Prevention Society, issued updated guidance on the safe provision of Audiology services, including ear wax removal, in the current context of CoVid-19.

In order to prevent you and another patient crossing paths, we will ask you to wait outside, away from the clinic entrance, while observing 2 metres social distancing from other people. This is easiest to achieve if you travel by car and wait in your car. If you have to come by public transport, for your own safety please try to observe 2 metres social distancing from other people as best as you can throughout your journey.

In compliance with “Audiology and otology guidance during Covid-19” issued by the above professional bodies, we must triage all patients, including existing ones, before booking their ear wax removal appointment.