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discount hearing aids - photo by geralt
Hearing aid discounts

At Hearing First, despite rising costs for fuel, heating, transportation and goods, we have managed to keep good hearing affordable by maintaining and in some cases increasing the level of our discounts.

We offer a range of different payment methods to allow flexibility for our customers. Apart from Super Payments, the payment service providers deduct a percentage from the amount paid in a transaction and this can vary by an enormous amount. For example, our cheapest payment service provider charges 0.39% (£3.90 on a £1,000 transaction), while our most expensive payment service provider charges 3.5% (£35 on a £1,000 transaction).

In order to maintain our strong discounts and keep good hearing affordable for as many people as possible, we reduce our discount on orders over £200 for transactions made using the more expensive methods (i.e. anything other than personal VISA / Mastercard and Super Payments). This way, our customers have the choice between flexibility in payment method and getting the best level of discount. It makes sense, especially considering that our hearing aid prices are discounted typically 30% to 50% compared to our competition!

Below, you can find the table of discount reductions.

Payment Method Discount Reduction
On Transactions Over £200
Personal VISA / Mastercard No discount reduction
Super Payments bank app 0.5% cashback to your Super wallet
Hear Now, Pay Later (eg. Klarna, Clearpay) Discount reduced by 3% of order total (£30 on a £1,000 transaction)
PayPal / Amazon Pay Discount Reduced by 3% of total (£30 on a £1,000 transaction)
American Express Discount Reduced by 1% of total (£10 on a £1,000 transaction)
Business VISA / Mastercard Discount Reduced by 1% of total (£10 on a £1,000 transaction)