Last Updated on 16th May 2021 by Admin

At this current time, we are regrettably unable to offer ear wax removal for people with an INR over 2.7, due to the greater risk of a bleed requiring hospital treatment when taking Warfarin.

We recommend that you either wait until the Coronavirus pandemic is completely under control, or seek out ear wax removal from an ENT Consultant, who will be able to cauterise a bleed should one occur.

Alternatively, you may book an appointment with us when your latest INR is 2.7 or below. Please do not change your warfarin dose, unless on the advice of your anti-coagulation clinic.

If it is at least 36 hours before your appointment, please go to Your Appointments and click “Cancel” next to the appointment. Then go to Your Orders and request a refund.

If it is less than 36 hours before your appointment, please call us on 0203 397 9787 and we will cancel your appointment and postpone it until your INR level is lower.