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Foreign Body Removal

Use the form above to book a foreign body removal appointment. This will typically be an ear plug that has become stuck or torn, or a cotton bud tip that has come off and become lodged deep in the ear canal, although these aren’t the only objects we have removed from our clients’ ears.

Stay Still

It is imperative that you stay still during the procedure in order to avoid injuring yourself. Our practitioners will be very careful, but the procedure can be uncomfortable. We do not have access to sedation, or local or general anaesthesia, so if you cannot stay still, or if you have a low tolerance to discomfort, you may be better served by an NHS or private ENT service that is able to offer sedation.

Three Attempts

Your safety is our priority. We will make a maximum of three attempts to remove the foreign body. If you are unable to stay still our practitioner will remind you up to two times to stay still. On the third time (or before that if your movement is particularly dangerous), we may terminate the procedure for your safety, and you may be directed to seek treatment from ENT to have the procedure under sedation. You can ask the practitioner to terminate the procedure at any time if it becomes too uncomfortable. In either of these circumstances, there is no refund available. We will do our expert best to remove the foreign body, but your safety is our number one priority.

Risk Of Minor Injury

Foreign bodies are fundamentally different to ear wax, and the removal procedure carries a higher risk of bleeding and/or bruising of the ear canal compared to ear wax removal, despite our expert training and experience.

The best advice to avoid this procedure is “The smallest thing you should put in your ear is your elbow”!