Are You Missing Out?

With the current climate we have all found ourselves being a part of, being able to see close relatives, family and friends has become more and more difficult. We all want to do our bit to keep everyone safe, keeping our distance making more and more phone calls to replace our physical presence. How many of you have noticed since the beginning of the pandemic that your mum or dad, aunt or uncle, gran or grandad find hearing on the phone a little difficult? I bet they’ve blamed the phone line or where they are standing in the house “ the signals bad here today” I’m sure we’ve all heard it and many of us just accept it and keep repeating ourselves and talking louder.

When we do see our family for those few short minutes dropping off the shopping or delivering their prescriptions how many of us have noticed now everything is done at a distance and through a mask that we are having to repeat ourselves, talking louder on the door step so the house three doors down can hear, how tiring it becomes for both parties? How before we would just sit closer, talk into their ear, close the doors and windows to minimise the back ground noise so we could speak louder without disturbing anyone around us. With the current restrictions in place we are not allowed to do this now…

Times have changed and so have hearing aids. They are no longer large beige instruments that stick out behind the ear they are designed to fit discreetly, match your hair colour or skin tone be totally invisible if worn completely in the ear canal, dare I say it they can even look trendy! With the option of no fiddly batteries to change just charge them like your mobile phone and once it’s in the ear its ready to go it can be forgotten about. Your phone calls can be streamed via a mobile phone directly to the hearing aid and answered by a simple tap to the ear just like a hands free kit. How about setting a reminder to talk to you through the hearing aid, reminding mum to take her medication, encouraging dad to take a walk around the garden to get some fresh air and exercise. No more sticky notes by the phone to remind you to remind them, it’s all done for you. Having comfort knowing if they fall you get an instant notification to alert you on your mobile phone. Our lives our busy and we can’t be there all the time but what we can do is try and offer peace of mind and give them back some independence. 

All of these features and more, or less if you don’t want them, in a tiny device that is around 2cm long. Hearing loss and hearing aids don’t have to be scary or complicated. Missing out on life is scary, not enjoying those precious moments we get to spend with our friends and family is worse. Don’t leave it too late the sooner you confront it the sooner it can be helped. We are open for hearing advice and hearing tests on the phone or in a face to face appointment.

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