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thank you for sending your video testimonial
Thank you for sending us your video testimonial

Thank you!

Thank you for sending us your video testimonial. As a token of our appreciation, please accept this £25 discount coupon towards your next ear wax removal appointment.

Please take a note of the coupon code at the top of the voucher as you will need to enter it at check out to get your discount.

Booking An Appointment

Due to the Coronavirus, the Audiology professional bodies have introduced new recommended procedures for microsuction. We have embraced this opportunity to ensure the safety of our patients. One of the requirements is to complete a triage form as part of the booking process. We hope you understand that this is for everyone’s safety, including yours. Other requirements are that both our practitioners and patients must wear personal protective equipment (which we will supply), the clinic room must be disinfected in between each appointment, and appointments must be spaced out so that patients do not cross paths with each other. We regret that the extra time that this will take has led to our prices going up, as our appointments now effectively take a minimum of 50% longer.

To book an appointment, please begin the process by filling out the triage form here.