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At Hearing First, we love getting feedback from our customers. We passionately want to help you hear better, so after every appointment you should receive an email asking you how it went. If you think the service you received deserves 4 or 5 stars, we would love it if you’d leave us a review. The page link should be in your email, but if you would like to go ahead and leave a review, here are some relevant links:

However, if there was an issue or you don’t think the service you received deserves 4 or 5 stars, then we want to put things right. Please visit and let us know how we can improve (please use the same email that you used to book your appointment so that we can tie them together).

How To Find The Review Area

If you are on a small screen such as a mobile phone, the review area is at the bottom of the screen like this:

Or if you are on a desktop or laptop computer, you will find the area to the right of the reviews like this:

After you click the link, it will bring you to the login screen:

After you have logged in, it will take you back to the Microsuction page:

Scroll down below the photo and you’ll see the reviews section – please click where it says Reviews:

Now you can leave a review!

Thank you so much!

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