How Do I Book For Someone Else?

How Do I Book For Someone Else?

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We would always recommend that you use that person’s own email and mobile phone number, so that they receive reminders of their appointment and can be contacted to call them in to the building at the time of their appointment to comply with the Covid-19 Audiology professional body regulations.

However, if you are the main point of contact for the person attending the appointment, and will be accompanying them to the location, then please book as if you will be attending the appointment yourself, and simply put their name on the Consent Form, which needs to be completed after booking but before attending the appointment.

Just to clarify, the Consent Form, which is completed after booking is in addition to the Triage Form, which is completed before booking.

The Triage Form is a new requirement since Covid-19, and is primarily there to ensure that everyone attending an appointment is free of any symptoms of Coronavirus. By screening everyone before booking, it makes it safer for everyone.

The Consent Form, on the other hand, is required to ensure that the patient attending the appointment fully understands the procedure and what is required of them to ensure their safety.

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