Same Day Invisible Hearing Aids – AudioService Quixx 16 G2

Audio Service Quix from Hearing First - same day testing and fitting of invisible hearing aids

Same Day Invisible Hearing Aids from Hearing First

Same Day Invisible Hearing Aids

High Tech Invisible Hearing Aids

The quiX 16 G2 from Audio Service is a small hearing aid that packs a high tech punch! It is a modular system that is virtually invisible in the canal (iic) when worn. Unlike many other iic hearing aids, which need to be custom made to the shape of your ear, the quiX can be fitted with various sized open and closed domes according to the hearing loss and the size of the ear canal.

Same Day Invisible Hearing Aids

Because quiX does not require an impression of the ear to be taken, as long as you have  a suitably sized ear canal (and 99% of people do), you don’t have to wait weeks to be fitted with your new high tech invisible hearing aids. In fact, you can have your hearing test and be fitted with your new hearing aids on the same day.

Virtually Invisible and Easy To Operate

The quiX 16 G2 is so small it is virtually invisible, and without any user controls it is fully automatic – you don’t need to adjust programs or the volume yourself, as this will all be set up by our Audiologist, based on your hearing test – just put them in your ears and forget they are there! . These invisible hearing aids are packed full of technology – with 36 channels and 40dB of amplification they can fit most hearing losses. Not only that, they can detect 5 different situations (quiet speech, speech in noise, music, noise only and in the car) and adjust the sound accordingly. That means you can stay focussed on what you want to hear, without having to make any adjustments yourself.

About Audio Service quiX 16 G2

quiX 16 G2 is the small uncomplicated hearing system for instant fitting. The quiX G2 sits directly in the auditory canal, which makes it virtually invisible when worn. The position in the ear makes quiX G2 ideal for spectacle wearers.

The shape of the housing of the hearing system follows the natural shape of the auditory canal and it ends with the Clic Ball, the secure click connection between quiX G2 and Dome. The hearing systems operate fully automatically and, as such, are easy to use.

Same Day Invisible Hearing Aids From Hearing First. No need for custom impressions and weeks of waiting. With Hearing First's quiX 16 G2, you can have your hearing test and get your hearing aids on the same day!

Same Day Invisible Hearing Aids From Hearing First – quiX 16 G2

Product features

  • CIC with battery size 10 and standard shell
  • Components as small as possible
  • 36 signal processing channels / 18 frequency channels
  • 1 hearing programs
  • Data Logging
  • Anti-feedback system G2
  • Noise Manager incl. Impulse suppressor
  • HiFi-functionality
  • Automatic functions
  • Receiver with dual-chamber technology
  • Level-dependent signal tones/melodies (activate/deactivate) for low battery voltage

Signal processing

  • Anti-feedback system G2
  • Noise Manager
    • Adaptive noise reduction
    • Wiener Filter
    • Impulse suppressor
    • Auto-situation adaption
  • Frequency and dynamics concept
    • TRC S
    • Selective frequency compression
    • HiFi-functionality

Automatic functions

  • Intelligent Acclimatic
  • Comformatic

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